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Videos addressing Executive Functioning. These videos define our categories of Executive Functioning, signs of possible EF deficits, how to use our 7-Step Model, and helpful strategies to support student learning. Stay tuned for more information!

AVAILABLE NOW - The first two videos!
Video Option 1 What is Executive Functioning?
Video Option 2 What is Working Memory?


Institute on Executive Functioning™

Institute on Executive

About the Institute on Executive Functioning™®

Operating since 2007, we have dedicated our efforts to help teachers, education service providers, and parents work with students exhibiting executive function skill deficits. Call to learn more!

Our primary goal is to prevent children from reaching the downward spiral (Strosnider & Sharpe, 2019, p. 10), which occurs when, regardless of academic interventions, the child continues to not meet with success. This often results in the child having low self-esteem, a defeated attitude, and an unwillingness to attempt tasks. Executive function skill training provides the child with the independent skill set needed to complete everyday tasks successfully. The Institute on Executive Functioning™ skill training camps and coaching sessions provide children with strategies to help them reframe the Downward Spiral and meet with academic and social-emotional success.

In addition, we conduct customized executive function skill workshops to train teachers, paraeducators, school psychologists, counselors, social workers, parents, etc. in the 7-Step Model for strategic strategy instruction and practical strategies for students grades K through post-secondary. The workshops emphasize assessing student executive function needs, student goal setting, the development of a student game plan, explicit strategic instruction, data collection and analysis, and a student success plan.

Project Boost

After teaching executive function skills in an after-school program, we felt the students needed something more concentrated and spread over a concentrated period of time. This would give them new skills to start the next school year. We envisioned a camp that would provide them these new skills while also building their self-confidence about a successful next school year. Project Boost is the name of this one-week camp. We wrote the curriculum for the camp ourselves and taught it for five years. In some cases, we held two sessions per summer.

The students exceeded our wildest expectations, both in what they learned and how they felt about the camp. We gathered information about each student, wrote an individual plan with them, and helped them learn what they had agreed they needed to learn. There was a lot of group activity in the form of choral responses and activities to practice social-emotional and behavioral strategies they were learning. Successes were celebrated, and every student left with a success plan for the next year to share with their parents and teacher!

Project Boost Sample Schedule for Camp Day 1 (8:45-12:15)

  • Executive Functioning Skills Assessment, Goal Setting, Start to Develop the Student Game Plan (EF Skill - Planning)
  • Who Moved My Cheese (EF Skill - Cognitive Flexibility and Shifting)
  • Memory Walk or Specific Dance Routine (EF Skill - Memory, Sequencing)
  • How Do I Spend My Time Activity (EF Skill - Time Management)
  • Scheduling and Planning our End of Camp Celebration (EF Skill - Scheduling, Planning)
  • Computer Time (EF Skill - Communication)
  • Completing Digital Citizenship Activities and Beginning Digi Poem


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